Over the last four years it has been a pleasure to experience Rhiannon’s work both as a yoga teacher and as a Thai massage therapist. She has a deep, thorough knowledge of the body that is evident in each one of her classes and sessions. I came back to yoga after a severe injury, and Rhiannon’s knowledge of movement as medicine played an integral part in my rehabilitation. Her Thai massage is grounding, thorough, intuitive, and compassionate. I am a Thai Massage Therapist myself, and have been so over a decade, and I can truthfully say without reservation that she gives the best Thai massage I have had in *years*. Come check her out to be healed and transformed!
–Laura M., Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

I am a fitness professional, and my partner and I have enjoyed tandem yoga privates with Rhiannon for years.  She completely customizes our lessons to my desire for a highly athletic and fun practice (that I am not able to find in group classes) and also tailors our work every week to whatever might be sore/injured/rehabilitating/needing attention due to my own work in the industry.  Moreover, my partner’s needs are completely different from mine–he needs more basic mobility, breathwork, and grounding–and she skillfully co-teaches us in a way that individualizes the practice but also allows us to share the experience.  She is a superstar and we can’t recommend her enough!
–Carl M., Fitness Professional

Three years ago, I was in a not-so-great place.  I’d done yoga before but I was usually put off by instructors that bark at you or force you into positions that clearly you should not be doing; or classes that moved too slowly for my taste, so I stopped doing yoga for a while.  I had just stopped running due to major foot pains and I was getting frustrated because as a former dancer, sitting still for too long is just NOT an option.  I first found Rhiannon at Crunch Fitness, where she taught a style of yoga that was uplifting and made you work really hard – but never EVER made you feel bad if you couldn’t do a textbook version of a pose.  I quickly made it a point to attend her class religiously, and I became a 4-days-a-week yogi: I became stronger and HAPPIER, and regained flexibility and movement in places that I thought only my old dance classes would address.  I also had a Thai Massage session with her and she helped loosen up some of the funk that was going on with my neck and back (oh the woes of getting older!).  Simply put, she is a wonderful instructor and healer with a calming, inspiring energy.  Anyone who is new to yoga won’t feel intimidated by her class (she emphasizes the importance of doing YOUR yoga and no one else’s), and seasoned yogis will still feel challenged.  Don’t forget to ask her about bodywork – I didn’t know what Thai massage was until she mentioned it, and it’s like just like doing yoga but without any effort.  Love.
–Bernadette T., Writer

I feel incredibly blessed to have met Rhiannon.  Her Thai Yoga Massages are amazing and wonderfully healing to my body, mind and spirit. She is inspiring, knowledgeable and caring and definitely one the brightest Lights I have met in my life. Beautiful energy, beautiful Soul.
–Carol Marchione, Software Engineer

If you want in-touch, top-knotch, you-focused body work, look no further. Rhiannon has a gift and you will be doing yourself a favor to treat yourself to it. She really listens and keeps the communication happening during the treatment, not to mention she’s delightful just to be around. Enjoy!
–Jeremi McManus, Relationship Coach

As a 65 year old who stays fairly active playing table tennis and fishing, I am in frequent need of a good massage. Massages I’ve had before have always felt good and were relaxing, but Rhiannon’s massages do more. After a 2 hour session with Rhiannon massaging and stretching my muscles, I don’t just feel good– I have much more mobility, especially in my low back and legs.
–Gary C Newton, Attorney

Rhiannon and I have created a beautiful yoga practice with consideration of my current physical and spiritual state.  She has guided me to incorporate aspects that are the most personally meaningful; spiritual awakening, flowing movement, breathing, stretching, worshipful poses, and she designed the practice to my need of blending the physical with the spiritual. The teaching of my practice included explanation of the benefits of poses for my body and gentle assistance to be certain that I receive the greatest benefit with no risk of harm.  I do not think I could have created a home practice this complete and stimulating without her personal private coaching.
–Kay Raplenovich, Classical Singer

Rhiannon’s body work is a wonderful blend of release, pressure and energy work. I wish she lived closer!
–Marleen Stams-Gibbs, Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

I have taken yoga from many different instructors in my life and it wasn’t until I took from Rhiannon, that I felt like I was dancing. Her sequences are like no other. Their fluidity flows through the chakras in such an intentional and mindful way yet they feel free and spontaneous at the same time. I leave her classes feeling as if I just had a full body massage. The added chanting in the beginning is truly a gift and her voice is so soothing! Her private lessons are sweet and soulful. Not only is she there to serve you in a physical way but she truly cares about her clients in a personal way and will delve into what is going on in your personal life (if that is what the client wishes) and base your practice around what chakras she feels you need to be paying attention to. She is an old soul, providing wisdom and knowledge about the physical anatomy and curiosity about the metaphysical world. She is also very cautious about protecting the body from injury and will quickly yet sweetly correct your alignment and provide explanations and demonstrations. She truly is a blessing to learn from!
–Kate Frichtl, Domestic Engineer

Rhiannon’s expert guidance has greatly improved my practice but it is her energy that made me fall in love with yoga. Her classes are alive, challenging and so much fun that I forget to think “I can’t do that”. At the end of every class I feel strong, happy and inspired.
–Sophy Wong, Designer