Rhiannon Fink is a wellness expert sought after for her ability to energize and empower, while making mind-body practices playful and accessible for everyone.  She provides highly individualized yoga instruction and wellness consulting, by Skype and in-home (if you reside in the San Francisco Bay area).

Rhiannon has over 5000 hours of teaching experience, has studied for ten years both in India and with Western experts, and mentors other teachers.  She work on the levels of body, mind, and behavior to serve her client’s health goals, focus, optimal function, self-actualization, and lifelong journey towards a life in alignment/balance.  Her students include complete beginners, those rehabilitating injuries, those seeking therapeutic yoga to complement their healing regimen, those simply too busy (or hesitant) to get to a group class, and experienced practitioners and teachers.  Using the full spectrum of yogic practices, her primary goal is to create a space for healing, growth, and awakening, where we are invited to come back to our natural state of yoga.  She also coaches clients in turning their mind into an ally, using meditation, mindfulness, and the power of thought.